A number of Waunakee Rotarians enjoyed a few days of fellowship, sightseeing and hunting on a recent trip to Wyoming.
At the Nov. 10 Waunakee Rotary meeting, they talked about their trip to Sheridan to be ambassadors for that club.
Since the 1950s, the Wyoming Rotary club has sponsored clubs from throughout the United States, offering a three-day Gun Powder and Buckskins experience.
The Waunakee Rotarians were set up with hunting guides for a mule deer hunt on area ranches. An experience like that would normally cost in the area of $5,000 to $7,000, they said.
Ken Pesik was one of the Waunakee Rotarians on the trip. He said they left on Oct. 5 and drove as far as Sturgis, North Dakota. The next day, they made it to Sheridan and had a meet-and-greet with their hunting guides.
Friday, they set out on a prairie dog hunt. Ken said ranchers are eager to see the those animals hunted. Not only do they create holes in the ground, posing a hazard to grazing cattle and horses, but they carry flies and insects that spread the plague.
Foggy weather greeted the hunters, so they hiked instead to acclimate themselves to the altitude.
The next day, the hunters were sighted-in. Ken said the distances were greater than they were used to – between 200 and 400 yards. They then engaged in an elimination skeet shooting contest.
Afterwards, they were treated to a social with a prime rib dinner and other fun. An auction also raised money at the event.
They next morning at about 5:30 a.m., they set out on a mule deer hunt. Fritz Durst and his guide saw a buck right away and stalked it before shooting it about two hours later.
Ken and his guide traveled by jeep. They saw a number of bucks but finally settled on one and stalked it before shooting it about 9 a.m. All six of the Waunakee Rotarians ended up shooting a mule deer.  
Gary Epping’s shot was the longest, at 450 yards. Gary said he hunted in another area, and that was the only buck he saw. Bill Erickson hunted on a game farm and shot an elk.
The following morning, a planned fishing trip was canceled due to wind. But the group ended up spending time in the Big Horn mountains, Ken said.
The Waunakee members are hoping to reciprocate and invite the Sheridan members to Wisconsin, Ken said.
Bill said the Sheridan members extended their fellowship beyond their club and really took care of the Waunakee Rotarians.
That club also purchases hunting tags for the event, and any unused tags go to the Wounded Warriors, whom they host as well.
Other news:
•The Polio Plus jar collected $400 from club members. Along with $1,200 from Wauktoberfest tips and the match, the club donated a pretty good sized amount, said Linda Olsen.
•The club got to meet Erick Plumb, who attended the meeting. A breakfast reception for him is set for Nov. 28 from 8:30 a.m.-10 a.m.
•Santa at the Village Center will be Dec. 3. Cookies are needed, said Peggy Acker-Farber.
•Martin Lackey was to be honored as a mentor in Madison. He has also opened a second Kee Cleaners location on Junction Road. Congratulations, Martin!!
•Club members have begun to set up the Rotary Holiday Lights display since the weather is being so cooperative.
•Pat Durden will head up the Adopt a Family project his year.
Guests: Dr. Dave Blonarch, guest of Mark McFarland; Dave Raemisch and Duke Raemisch, guests of the club; Erick Plumb, guest of Roberta Baumann.
Nov. 17, Tom Kennedy and Roberta Baumann;
Nov. 24, Happy Thanksgiving;
Dec. 1, Bob Klostermann and Ryan Knight.