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Michael Mucha
Apr 18, 2024
Water Quality Update from MMSD
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Apr 25, 2024
James Tye, Executive Director
May 02, 2024
Clean Lakes Alliance
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Waunakee Rotary
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About Waunakee Rotary
Our Club, like most local Rotary Clubs, has a diverse membership which includes men and women from a broad range of professions representing the general make-up of the Waunakee Area Community. Our membership has grown steadily, from the original 33 Charter Members at our founding in January of 1973, to our current December, 2011 membership of 92 members.
District 6250 map
The Waunakee Rotary Club [No. 2719] is a part of Rotary District 6250, which is made up of over sixty Rotary Clubs in twenty-five counties- covering much of the southern and western portion of the State of Wisconsin. Each of our members annually volunteer to be a member of one of the club's six standing committees.
The six standing committees are:
  1. Fellowship Committee
  2. International Committee
  3. Community Service Committee
  4. Fund Raising Committee
  5. Membership Committee
  6. Meetings Committee.
Each of the six standing committees share in and play an important roll in the club's operation and in the overall Rotary Experience.
The Waunakee Rotary Club created this web site for the purpose aiding and increasing the communication between club members and to provide information to the general public about our club and about Rotary. Our web site first went on line in May of 2004. Waunakee Rotary Club member, Robert Pulvermacher, is the Webmaster for our web site. The various pages and links on this site are designed to provide a general over view of Rotary and the Waunakee Area Rotary Club. Anyone wishing more detailed information about Rotary or about how to become a member, is encouraged to contact any Rotary member or to contact us through a link on our web site.
Attending regular weekly Rotary Club meetings is not only a tradition, but is also an important part of being an active Rotarian. The Waunakee Rotary Club holds its regular weekly meetings at:
Rex's Innkeeper in Waunakee, Wi Every Thursday at 12:00 O'clock Noon