A new bank has come to Waunakee. Old National Bank, established in 1834 in Evansville, Indiana, has replaced Anchor Bank.
John Hodges from Old National spoke to the Waunakee Rotary Club about relationship banking at the Oct. 27 meeting.  
All businesses are looking to partner with groups that will help their bottom line, John said. And if you ask what makes a trusted business partner, most will answer that it’s someone who will do what is needed to get the job done.
Business is about partnerships and there needs to be open and frequent communication.
Most people find their primary contact at banks are with the tellers. But customers don’t always feel comfortable talking to tellers with a line behind them. They want someone who will pick up the phone.
John said most banks don’t rely on fees as the primary income. They offer a range of products for customers. While a fee in one area may seem high, there may be savings to find in other areas.
And customers want a high level of customer service.
“You want to find out how to get service and a partner for you to help achieve long-term plans or even grow your business,” John said.  
Cost savings are not the most important thing in choosing a bank. Most business owners also realize in their relationships with their own clients, cost savings are not the only things they offer them.
John said Old National Bank has a Midwest philosophy and has received eithics awards for the past three years. It is known for investing in local communities.
Other news:
•Mike Ableidinger said Halloween at the Farm was a success, and that County Executive Joe Parisi recently paid a visit to announce that his budget includes funds for a parking lot and driveway access. However, the Friends of Schumacher Farm has raised just $400,000 of the $750,000 needed for the red barn renovation and machinery museum, and the county’s funds are not going toward those projects.
•Phil Willems got the Kettle Corn popper going at the Halloween at the Farm event and sold enough popcorn to raise $406 for the farm park.
•President Travis Heiser thanked the members who worked on the fall clean-up. The group did some cleaning up at Village Hall and the Rotary Walk. They saw some projects to tackle at Rotary Walk in the spring.
•On Nov. 16, the Group 6 Social will be at the Lone Girl.
Guests: Nancy Thomas, guest of Patrick Durden.
Visiting Rotarians: None.
Nov. 3, Mick Holm and Roxanne Johnson;
Nov. 10, Jim Kattner and Kevin Kearney;
Nov. 17, Tom Kennedy and Chris Kenney;
Nov. 24, Happy Thanksgiving!