Allison Feldbruegge was born and raised in Waunakee, now works at a bank bearing her hometown’s name.
Allison is at Waunakee Community Bank, and at the Oct. 19 meeting, she gave her classification talk, focusing more on her personal life than her career.
She has two sisters, Ashley and April, and her father is Tom. Allison now has a brother, Ashley’s husband, she said.
Allison attended Heritage Elementary then after Prairie Elementary School was built in her neighborhood, finished elementary school there.
At Waunakee High School, she was named the class clown. She was also on the student council, and was one of seven students to travel to Washington, D.C., where she learned to be a Raising Student Voices Participant (RSVP) instructor.
She came back and taught the program to other schools.
Allison graduated from Edgewood College with a degree in finance. She began working at M&I Bank during her senior year of high school and after the bank’s merger with BMO, went to work at the branch on Madison’s west side. Fellow Rotarian Kim Langfeld hired her.
Allison went on to become a personal banker and was the manager at the Waunakee BMO branch before moving to Waunakee Community Bank.
Allison has a new home in Deerfield, where she lives with her dogs Snickers, Cooper and now Cocoa. Her best friend is Lauren.
She enjoys playing Euchre, along with blackjack at Ho Church, and has a three-wheeler that she loves to ride. Her boyfriend is Tyler.
Other news:
–The club was about to cancel its clean-up of Rotary Pond Saturday due to rain, and when members arrived, they found that the Waunakee’s Public Works Department had beat them too it, said Bob Sachtjen. They cleared several trees, cleaned up around the park sign and did other work. The club treated the public works staff to lunch to say thank you.
–The club still needs ideas for the Halloween at the Farm event at Schumacher Farm Oct. 28. Members can volunteer for one of two shifts between 4-9 p.m. that evening.
 Guests: Tracey Hensen, guest of Allison Feldbruegge; Waunakee Public Works Department staff John Endres, Casey Balousuk, Rick Moran, James Anderson, Jeff Karls, Janelle Hogg and Bill Frederick, guests of the club; Nate Hoover, guest of Roberta Baumann.
Visiting Rotarians: None.
Birthdays: Oct. 29, Lori Derauf; Oct. 29, Breck Dokken.
Anniversaries: Oct. 29, Corey and Danielle Randl; Nov. 1, Neil and Lily King,
Greeters: Oct. 26, Richard Murphy and Ed Niebuhr; Nov. 2, George Ohlendorf and Joe Olson.