Kathleen Blair and Faith Kail both had polio when they were younger and thought their symptoms were gone.
But now, many years later, both older adults are experiencing a return of those symptoms – fatigue and some muscle pain.
Kathleen and Faith spoke about their experiences with polio and their local Post Polio Support Group at the Waunakee Rotary Club’s Nov. 17 meeting.
Faith was diagnosed with polio in 1955, and said today, many of those who faced polio then are having recurring problems. She went to a conference in the 1990s to find out what ever happened to past polio patients.
“I realized other people were there from other states,” Faith said, adding some were in wheelchairs and iron lungs.
Today, post polio syndrome has become recognized.
“A lot of people are having problems with walking,” she said.
Kathleen Blair also was diagnosed in 1955. She had had a miscarriage, but doctors didn’t suspect polio because she was an adult. Only when she told the doctor of her stiffness did he recognize the symptoms.
“I came through quite well. I had hydro therapy and physical therapy,” Kathleen said.
Two years later, she walked without a limp and went on to have seven children.
In 2008, she was walking with a cane and when someone told her about the Post Polio Support Group. They meet at the Monona Garden Cafe. Someone learned that Kathleen enjoyed writing and she began to write a column for the newsletter, The Pacer.
“The Post Polio group has been so good for me. It’s made me realize I’m not in this alone,” Kathleen said.
In 2015, Kathleen put together a compilation of her writings for her children. In the forward, she quipped, “Attitude is like a paint brush,” in that it colors our worlds. Those in the Post Polio Support Group all have positive attitudes, she said.
The newsletter is called The Pacer because that’s what those with post polio syndrome should do – pace themselves and relax a little, Faith said.
Other news:
•Bud Zander’s 90th birthday party will be Dec. 4 from noon-3 p.m. at Rex’s. RSVP to BudZanderis90@gmail.com. You can send a card to him at 29 Fairview Trail, Waunakee, WI 53597.
•Jenny Olson with the DeForest Rotary is taking orders for poinsettias again this year. They’ll be delivered Dec. 8.
•Harry Ripp of the Monona Club is taking orders for the their cheese sale. Orders will be delivered Dec. 16.
•If you signed up to provide cookies for the Dec. 3 Santa at the Village Center event, be sure to bring them to the Dec. 1 Rotary meeting.
•Sample ballots were distributed with Mark McFarland as the lone candidate for president and Tyler Endres as a director. If you’d like to get on the ballot, contact Jim Kattner. We’ll vote on Dec. 1.
•The Thanksgiving breakfast at the Senior Center will be at 8 a.m. Nov. 19. Volunteers are asked to arrive at 7 a.m.
•The Rotary Group 6 Social was  
a success with about 40 people attending, said President Travis Heiser.
Guests: Mary Rule, guest of Allison Feldbruegge; Jim Tubbs, guest of George Ohlendorf.
Visiting Rotarians: Harry Ripp, Madison East – Monona.
Birthdays: Nov. 30, Susan Vergeront; Dec. 6, Bud Zander.
Anniversaries: Dec. 3, Jim and Kathy Kattner; Dec. 4, Shana and Anthony Dunn.
Greeters: Dec. 1, Bob Klostermann and Ryan Knight; Dec. 8, Tyler Knowles and Dave Kruchten; Dec. 15, Neil Kruschek and Nancy Kuehn-Thomas; Dec. 22, Martin Lackey and Alan Langeteig.