Most of us buy auto and home insurance each year, but as a quiz at the March 30 Waunakee Rotary meeting demonstrated, we’re not all aware of what is covers.
Club member Dan Evans, with his law partner, David Relles of Reuter, Whitish & Evans, SC, presented the quiz created by David. David has been practicing law for the past 39 or 40 years, doing mostly trial work. He was an assistant district attorney and has since handled criminal cases and done civil litigation.
David is a member of the Mount Horeb Rotary Club and has given the quiz there and on Wisconsin Public Radio, mainly to educate people on insurance issues.
Most of us realize that, since 2009, all Wisconsin drivers have been required to have insurance.
Much of the quiz reiterated the point that while uninsured motorist coverage is not required, you should probably have it.
It costs only a few dollars more but will cover your damages if they exceed an at-fault driver with inadequate insurance.
Otherwise, if you are seriously hurt in an accident, your damages may not be covered.
Rotarians were also surprised to learn about the responsibility they assume for their children’s driving behaviors. If a child you sponsor under the age of 18 has a serious collision due to negligent driving, you are liable for all damages and injuries caused, regardless of how much insurance you have.
So if your child is reckless, you’re probably better off not to hand over the car keys.
However, if a child vandalizes property or causes injury to someone in a fight, the parents are legally responsible only for injuries or damages up to $5,000, the attorneys pointed out.
The bottom line, they said, is to check with your insurance agent about what coverage you need.
Other News:
–President Travis Heiser presented Nick Mischler with a $2,500 donation from the club for the community sculpture planned at the high school.
–The club congratulated Jim Kattner on his Paul Harris Plus 1 fellow.
–The club inducted Cindy Patzner as a new member. We’ll learn more about Cindy next week when she gives her classification talk. Welcome, Cindy!
–The club voted on the Business Person of the Year award, which will be presented at the Community Awards Banquet in April.
–Bob Klostermann said an informal wine tasting is being planned at the new Westport Drumlin winery on River Road. Tentative dates are April 19 or 20 or April 26 or 27.
–Linda Olson said a new 16-day District Friendship Exchange to Peru is planned with excursions to interesting sites.
–Help will be needed for the April 8 Easter Egg Hunt at the Endres Manufacturing grounds.
–Gary Epping provided the Rotary Club with a check for $757, the club’s portion of the Super Raffle proceeds.
Guests: Courtney Cullen, guest of John Cullen; Paul Cardarella an Liz Diehs, guest of Allison Feldbruegge; Kim Phalen, guest of Randy Herbrand.  
Greeters: April 6, Ray Statz and Don Tierney; April 13, Jon Townley and Susan Vergeront; Sean Wayne and David Weishoff.