Dr. Eric Montie, the chiropractor who opened the Back in Action clinic in Waunakee last year, said he practices “principled chiropractic care.”
Eric gave his classification talk at the Jan. 5 Waunakee Rotary meeting.
Practicing principled chiropractic car means assessing a patient’s function and correcting the problem or source of the pain, rather than just the pain, Eric said.
The main focus is on the nervous system, and with a network of nerves radiating off of the spine, any sort of misalignment can result in a number of problems – even infertility issues.
Eric said he scans the spine and looks for a primary subluxation or misalignment. Once that is adjusted, the body can adjust the second misalignment.
Eric became interested in chiropractic medicine when he hurt his back working at a warehouse between high school and college. He went to his physician and was prescribed pain medication. But it didn’t treat the root cause of the pain.
Eric was born in Green Bay in 1984, the youngest of three children. When he was 5, his family moved to Sauk and then to Baraboo. He graduated from Baraboo High School in 2003, and then in 2006, joined the Army National Guard. He later attended UW-LaCrosse then Palmer College of Chiropractic in Florida.
He and his wife, Mallory, have a daughter, Nora, who turned 1 on the day of Eric’s talk.
Mallory is a chiropractor at the Baraboo Back in Action location and will move to the Waunakee practice when her contract there is up.
Eric said he and Mallory fell in love with the Madison area, and they chose to live in Waunakee because of the great school district and close knit community. He joined Rotary because he loves helping people. When he was at Palmer, he took advantage of a chance to study abroad in India where he and other chiropractors did adjustments.
Eric said he would love to travel to Kenya for a similar trip with Dr. Mike Blodgett, the club’s other chiropractor.
Other News:
•President Travis Heiser announced the donations approved at the board of directors meeting.  The board also accepted the resignation of Becky Ohan. But the board approved Kim Langfeld’s membership, Travis said.
•Travis also asked if a member of each committee could give Bob Sachtjen or Jonny Buroker events to be updated on Club Runner, the club’s website.
•Bill Erickson and Phil Willems are handing over the reins of Rotary Lights.  Taylor Endres, Eric Montie, Sean Wayne and Travis Heiser plan to take over some of the duties.
Committee chairs also gave updates on projects for club assembly. The following are those reports:
•The Easter Egg Hunt is the next community service project, said Bob Sachtjen. The club also plans to put businesses’ logos with links to their websites on the Club Runner site.
•The sign-up deadline for students to attend the World Affairs seminar is in February. Bianca, the club’s exchange student, is starting ski lessons.
•Bob Pulvermacher of membership encouraged new members to attend orientation. He is pleased that all the new members are active, he said.
Guests: Sam Wagner, guest of Tom Kennedy; Susan Buzby, guest of Harriet Statz.
Visiting Rotarians: None.
Birthdays: Jan. 18, Rich Harris
Anniversaries: None.
Greeters: Jan. 5, David May and Mark McFarland;
Jan. 12, Gordon Meffert and Gordon Meicher;
Jan. 19, James Meyer and Dan Miller;
Jan. 26, Nick Mischler and Shelley Moffatt.