Shelley Moffatt, a financial advisor with Edward Jones, brought her crystal ball to the Dec. 29 Waunakee Rotary meeting to forecast what the financial market will do in 2017.
Shelley started in the business many years ago, long before the 9/11 attacks in 2001. She learned then that if you can’t predict the future, you should plan for it.
In 2007, when she moved to Wisconsin and joined Rotary, the market was a high. But then the Great Recession of 2008 occurred.
Shelley said she has no idea where the market will go, noting that it was down almost 20 percent in 2016 before rebouding.
“I anticipate we’ll see more swings,” she said.
Yet jobs are up and employers are paying more. Big policy changes with a new administration in the White House will also have an effect, along with any uncertainty.
Shelley presented demographic charts showing that as the population decreases, the economy contracts, as well. The economy also depends on the age of the population. Those in their early 40s to 50s tend to spend the most. The Gen Alpha babies are now being born, and that demographic will cause a large expansion.
Overall, the economy has grown since the 1920s, despite a few downturns. Down cycles usually last 2.7 years while up cycles can last for as long as 22 years.
“We’re facing an up-cycle, but it’s not straight up,” Shelly said.
Shelley said she believes we’re in a long period of a flat market, but it should break out in the long term.
“I see great growth potential,” Shelley said, adding right now, we have many buyers for the next generation of babies.
Other News:
•It turns out the club WILL have a meeting on Jan. 12, the day after the Christmas Party. A speaker has been scheduled for that day, and it looks like an interesting subject – England and European Union.
•Speaking of the Christmas Party, we’ll have musical entertainment. Squirrel Gravy is the bluegrass band comprised of members young and old who will play, said Bob Klostermann. The party is Jan. 11 with dinner at 7 p.m.
•Emily Potacki, the Waunakee exchange student now in Poland, is staying just northwest of Warsaw. She has visited much of Europe, including a ski trip in Austria. She also plans to visit London in February and another seven-day excursion is planned, said Harriet Statz.
•Ken Pesik said the club has found an 18-foot trailer to hold the Rotary Lights and now is seeking a place to put it.
•Speaking of the lights, they need to come down soon. Club members will start the process on Jan. 3, but a big push will be for Saturday, Jan. 7.
Guests: Ophelia Whitley, guest of Sara Whitley; Jeamie Holm, guest of Mick Holm.
Visiting Rotarians: Drew Howick, Madison Downtown; .
Birthdays: Jan. 8, Randy Guttenberg; Jan. 9, Bob Pulvermacher; Jan. 10, Taylor Endres; Jan. 11, Greg Garton.
Anniversaries: Jan. 9, Chris and Lynn Kenney.
Jan. 5, David May and Mark McFarland;
Jan. 12, Gordon Meffert and Gordon Meicher;
Jan. 19, James Meyer and Dan Miller.