From selling cookies to learning to cook meals at a campsite, Waunakee Girl Scouts are active.
The Troop gave a presentation about the members’ activities since they were young Daisys. The girls have been together since first grade, with their first meeting in 2011, said Jill Anderson, who leads the Troop with Lynn Gorman.
The girls spent their first years earning different colors. Then they created Christmas cards to send to the military, created May baskets, and at the 100th year celebration of Girl Scouts, bridged from Daisys to the next level, Brownies.
The next year, as Juniors, the girls sold 1,889 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. They also created pet toys for the Dane County Humane Society, where they met a snake and some mice, and earned another badge.
They also visited Waunakee Manor and delivered Christmas cards and ornaments. That year, they went to a skating party with an older troop and camped with them.
In the fourth grade as Cadets, the scouts begin to decide for themselves what they’d like to do camping. They first created edible fires before going in to build the real things. They also attended the International Fair in Milwaukee and earned their First Aid Badge. And they learned to make pancakes and meals while camping.
For the fifth-grade Journey, the girls attended AMUSE and learned about stereotypes. They also attended a corn maze where they picked out pumpkins for Halloween. They chose a project for the Bronze Award that had them making miniature barns to locate at local business to collect contributions to the Schumacher Farm Red Barn project.
And each year, because of their successful cookie sales, they earned a trip to Kalahari.
This year, the girls will start on a journey in the two-year process of earning their Silver Award. They will decide as individuals or in small teams what projects to work on for that award, said Troop Leader Lynn Gorman.
“They are taking more control of their own Scouting experience,” she said.
Other News:
•Stephanie Wallen, who attended the World Affairs seminar, was present to talk about her experience there. She was thankful for the opportunity and said the programs on social justice were interesting and inspiring.
 Guests: Marie Langeteig, guest of Alan Langeteig; Stephanie Wallen, guest of the club.
Visiting Rotarians: None.  
Birthdays: Aug. 19, Allison Feldbruegge; Aug. 22, Don Hoffman; Aug. 23, David Rupp.
Anniversaries: None.
Greeters: Aug. 17, Travis Heiser and Randy Herbrand; Aug. 24, Don Hoffman and Mick Holm; Aug. 31, Roxanne Johnson and Kevin Kearney; Sept. 7, Tom Kennedy and Bob Klostermann.