Your newsletter writer made a misleading typo last week, and intended to indicate that UNDERINSURED driver coverage is not required. The following is from Dan Evans, who pointed out this error:
"The law on Wisconsin insurance is very confusing.  Uninsured Motorist Coverage (sometimes called "UM" coverage) is mandatory coverage for Wisconsin drivers.  Underinsured Motorist Coverage (sometimes called "UIM" coverage) used to be mandatory in Wisconsin, but it no longer is mandatory.  From our experience at the law firm, we believe that both Underinsured and Uninsured are necessary to protect yourself and your family, and the cost of adding Underinsured Motorist Coverage is usually not much/prohibitive.  We'd recommend that you get it."
And now onto THIS week's newsletter:
The Waunakee Rotary Club’s newest member, Cindy Patzner, was just inducted, and at her second meeting as a Rotarian April 6, she gave her classification talk.
Far from intimidated, she spoke about overcoming tragedy and learning from each experience.
A native of Cambridge, Wisconsin, where she attended school and graduated in 1988, Cindy worked at the local grocery store growing up.
She then became a dental hygienist for 10 years, where she gained people skills and learned how to care for people. After she married, she and her husband moved to Waunakee in 2000.
“I love it here. The schools are great, I love the community feel, and I love the parks,” she said.
Colton, her first son, was born in 2001, and she was pregnant with the second son, when her husband was killed in a car accident on Hwy. M.
Soon afterwards, Kyle was born prematurely. Cindy said she realized she had two choices then – sink or swim. She was sitting in a rocking chair with her new born, with Colton running around.
“I can’t just sit here,” she remembered saying to herself. “It’s not good for them and it’s not good for me.”
So she got involved in Keva, in the Mothers of Preschoolers group, or MOPS, and other community organizations. And at a church event, she met her second husband, Brad, who had no children of his own.
Cindy began an in-home business with Jockey Person to Person selling the clothing line at home parties. She used her people skills to build a team of women all over the United States to sell the line. The couple built a house in Savannah Village in 2013 and shortly afterwards, Jockey closed its division.
In March of 2016, she studied for and obtained her Realtor’s license. She had always enjoyed working for smaller companies, she said, and so she joined the Sprinkman real estate brokerage, again putting her people skills to use.
Cindy said she’s enthusiastic about joining Rotary, and is also involved in St. John’s Church and the Waunakee Area Chamber of Commerce.
April 6 was also Club Assembly, with the committee members giving the following reports:
-Two members have resigned – Martin Lackey and Gordon Meffert, but Bob Pulvermacher said membership has still seen an overall increase, and the new members are active.
-Harriet Statz reported that the April 13 deadline for the scholarship applications has been advertised. No applications have been received yet. Also, the World Affairs seminar is coming up for students, and the Rotary International President will give an address.
-The meetings committee is seeking ideas for speakers.
-See Linda Olson if you are interested in participating in a Friendship Exchange program to Peru. Linda also thanked Leonard Allen and Phil Willems for their participation in the District grant writing workshop.
Other News:
-Bob Klostermann is planning an outing from 4-6 p.m. at the Drumlin Ridge Winery. That’s where the Steak Fry will be on June 28, as well.
-Members are invited to meet at Endres Manufacturing for the Easter Egg Hunt at 8 a.m. to put out the eggs for the kids. The Easter bunny will show up at 9:30 and at 10, the chaos will begin.
Greeters: April 13, Jon Townley and Susan Vergeront; April 20, Sean Wayne and David Weishoff; April 27, Sara Whitley and Phil Willems; May 4, Rich Wipperfurth and Brent Ziegler.