A member of 100 Black Men in Madison, the United Way and the Waunakee Rotary Club, Martin Lackey does a lot to give back to his community.
Martin in one of the Rotary Club’s newest members, and at the Sept. 1 meeting, Rotarians got the chance to learn more about him during his classification talk.
Martin moved to Madison from Chicago at the age 12. He has two children, two boys and two girls, and he raised his two nephews. His sister died of HIV several years ago.
Martin also suffers from sickle cell anemia, which affects the red blood cells.
He has a passion for real estate, and the real estate agent he mentored with owned Kee Cleaners. Eventually, he asked Martin if he would like to take over the business. Kee Cleaners is the only cleaners in Waunakee, and offers pick-up and delivery services.
In addition to operating Kee Cleaners, Martin is in the process of  getting his real estate sellers license and does financial and credit management consulting.
He has also done motivational speaking and sells Amway products. One of his favorite volunteer gigs is with Dane Dances, the dances on the Monona Terrace rooftop Friday nights in August and September.
“I have a passion for being a leader in the community,” Martin said, adding that his community needs mentors, and many have been good mentors to him.
The Club also held club assembly, and the following are reports from committee chairs:
•No one was there to give a report for the Meetings and Public Relations committee, which, as President Travis Heiser remarked, was “disappointing.”
•The International Committee is scouting around for the next big project, preferably something hands on that allows members to travel and help, said Mick Holm. Suggestions are welcome.
•The membership committee said new members are bringing in other new members, so the club is seeing growth.
•Ken Pesik said the next community service project will be a shed to store Christmas lights and other items.
•The next fellowship event may be a trip to a fish farm with a stop for spirits or a beer on the return home.
•Fundraising is planning for Wauktoberfest. Bartenders are needed at the wine and beer bars. There is also a service opportunity to work as a guide at the Dairy Expo, Phil Willems said. See either him or Connie Blau about it.
•On Thursday, Sept. 15, the Bacon, Bourbon and Cigars event will take place at Lucky’s, and a wine tasting will be held at the Endres Mfg. grounds.
•The next youth and vocational activities will be starting up the Reading Buddies and Mentoring program.
Other news:
•Bianca, the exchange student from Brazil, has arrived and joined the club for lunch. Welcome, Bianca! We look forward to getting to know you.
•Ken Pesik and others have installed a floating pier at the Village Center Pond.
•The social at the Lone Girl was a nice event with 20-30 people there.
•The newsletter will begin appearing in Club Runner. Members need to log in and edit their profiles to include their birthdays and anniversaries. They can also update their photos.
Greeters: Sept. 8, John Cullen and Al Dassow; Sept. 15, Lori Derauf and Shana Dunn; Sept. 22, Patrick Durden and Fritz Durst; Sept. 29, Rex Endres and Gary Epping.